What to Bring

  1. A properly functioning mountain bike. This is critical! Stop into a bike shop before your lesson to make sure that everything is properly adjusted and working.

  2. Shoes and pedals for mountain biking. We believe that you should learn on whatever you are most comfortable riding. If clipless is what you like, then bring clipless pedals and shoes. Same goes for flats pedals and shoes. If you have cages on your pedals, please remove them before your lesson. Boneshaker feels that it is best to learn on flat pedals as it creates a safer environment to learn and practice skills.

  3. Personal Equipment: Helmet, cycling gloves, padded shorts, hydration, spare tubes, sunscreen, tools, mosquito repellent. Please check the weather before your lesson and pack appropriate layers.

  4. Snacks.

  5. Excitement to learn!


If you have any questions about your equipment, please contact us.